Grab a coffee with the world’s brightest minds.

At Luminary Cafe, connect directly with your favorite experts and thought leaders through informal, interactive sessions that educate and inspire.

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Luminary Cafe

45-min interactive sessions to connect and learn

Learn from the best

Learn from the best

Share the stage with the most accomplished experts in their fields.

Unleash your curiosity

Unleash your curiosity

Ask questions and participate to make the live experience relevant to you.

Build new connections

Build new connections

Connect with a cohort of like-minded participants that share your interests.

Meet the Luminaries


Lisa Feldman Barett

Psychologist, Northeastern Professor, Best-Selling Author

Meet Lisa


Max Richter

Award-Winning Composer, Pianist, Producer, Filmmaker

Meet Max

Social Psychologist

Amy Cuddy

Harvard Lecturer, Best-Selling Author, TED Speaker

Meet Amy


David Eagleman

Stanford Professor, Best-Selling Author, TED Speaker

Meet David

How does Luminary Cafe work?

Sign up for an event

Sign up for an event

Browse luminaries, see their available events, and reserve your spot.

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself

Create a profile to introduce yourself to the luminary and other attendees.

Participate in the discussion

Participate in the discussion

Grab your favorite beverage and ask questions in a small group, virtual setting.

What are people saying?


This is a novel experience. I’m an absolute amateur in the subject, but learned loads in the meetup. Access to a leading expert with the ability to ask questions – that can’t compare to any book or video.

– Martina G.

“Spark of curiosity”

The infectious enthusiasm, relatability, cool mannerisms… they are the teacher all of us wish we’d had. The magic is igniting the spark of curiosity and then the desire to learn just oozes out of people.

– Lisa S.


This was definitely the best book reading experience I’ve had. Having the option to ask questions made it all clearer, more fascinating, and fun. It is a great way to learn something when you have a mission.

– Emily B.


The Q&A format is exciting. I like that it showcases how thinkers think rather than just tell us what they think. I was able to have some back-and-forth around the ideas which is where the real value is.

– Michael C.