Questions? We’re here to help.


What is Luminary Cafe?

Luminary Cafe is a marketplace that connects the world’s brightest minds with their fans – starting with intimate, informal meetups. Our mission is to help curious individuals engage with their areas of interests through active learning experiences.

How are the meetups structured?

Meetups will start with brief introductions and then move to Q&A. We make sure rooms are small enough (maximum 10 people) and sessions long enough (45 minutes) so that everyone has a chance to ask questions.

How do I join the meetup?

Meetups take place virtually through our live video platform. You will receive an email with instructions on how to join. We encourage you to turn the camera on!

How much do meetups cost?

This depends on the luminary and the event. Luminaries have the option to set the price per ticket for each event.

What will I know about the other participants?

Ahead of the meetup, we’ll ask participants to share a little about themselves (name, profession, location, bio) and send to everyone attending the meetup.

Will the meetup be recorded?

We don’t currently record meetings in order to keep the conversation feeling intimate and private, but we do send a screenshot of the group afterwards over email.

What if I no longer can make the meetup?

We understand schedules can be unpredictable! Reach out to us at support@luminary.cafe and we can assist in processing a refund.

I’m having trouble with something. Where can I get more support?

For any other questions, you can always reach out to us at support@luminary.cafe!

For Luminaries

How should I prepare for the meetup?

No need to prepare a lecture! Think of this like a coffee that you’re getting with friends. Participants will ask questions and conversation will flow.

What happens if there are any issues during the meetup?

Someone from the Luminary Cafe staff will join each meetup to provide guidance and assistance.

How does Luminary Cafe make money?

Luminary Cafe takes 20% 10% fee (introductory beta rate) to invest in site improvements. A credit card processing fee of ~3% is also taken from all transactions.

When do I receive my payment?

Once you have registered, we will reach out to you for banking information. We send payments by the 7th of each month for any meetups completed in the prior month.

Is it easy to give some of my proceeds to charity?

Yes! For every event, Luminary Cafe will donate a portion of our proceeds to a charity of your choice in your name. You are welcome to donate more from your proceeds as well.

How many meetups should I set up?

We recommend starting with at least 3 meetups at different time slots (so people can attend across time zones). You may be surprised to discover the fans you have around the world!

How do I attract customers to purchase my meetups?

We encourage you to share with your followers on existing social media channels! We will also be experimenting with some paid ads.