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Meet Elizabeth Ricker for a Virtual Coffee + Neurohack
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Meet Elizabeth Ricker for a Virtual Coffee + Neurohack

Join me for a virtual coffee! And, if there's interest, we'll do a mini-neurohacking session :) You may know me from my new book "Smarter Tomorrow: How 15 Minutes of Neurohacking a Day Can Help You Work Better, Think Faster, and Get More Done"... now I'd love to get to know you in a small-group, interactive format. This will be an open Q&A and discussion. Capping the guest list at 10 people makes it intimate enough that everyone has the chance to ask questions and participate. Proceeds will benefit the Society for Neuroscience.




7:30 PM (EDT) —

8:15 PM (EDT)


$ 40.00 USD



What are people saying?


This is a novel experience. I’m an absolute amateur in the subject, but have learned loads since the meetups. Access to a leading expert with the ability to ask questions - that can’t compare to any book or video.

- Martina G.

"Spark of curiosity"

The infectious enthusiasm, relatability, cool mannerisms... they are the teacher all of us wish we'd had. The magic is igniting the spark of curiosity and then the desire to learn just oozes out of people.

- Lisa S.


This was definitely the best book reading experience I’ve had. Having the option to ask questions made it all clearer, more fascinating, and fun. It is a great way to learn something when you have a mission.

- Emily B.


The Q&A format is exciting. I like that it showcases how thinkers think rather than just tell us what they think. I was able to have some back-and-forth around the ideas which is where the real value is.

- Michael C.

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Meet Elizabeth R. Ricker

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Elizabeth R. Ricker, author of “Smarter Tomorrow: How 15 Minutes of Neurohacking A Day Can Help You Work Better, Think Faster, and Get More Done” (Little, Brown Spark/Hachette), is an expert and innovator in brain enhancement. She conducted research at MIT and Harvard and received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from both institutions. Ricker has lectured across the world and consults with Silicon Valley venture capital firms, technology startups, schools,…

Meet Elizabeth

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